Pizza Party weekend $3.95 PU Dominos

25 September 2007

This Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th large Pizza $3.95

Orders before 6:30PM

Classic Crust only (although they may depend on your local store - have been able to order thin crust sometimes)

Usual conditions like selected store, extra for chicken, incl GST, 10% on Public holidays <- Why? when Sat and Sun is not PHol, but it's the generic conditions.

My Code for My store is DVY8
Another - same price etc (via Whirlpool) is 42XC

so you have two to try


  • Emma EDITOR
    [SIZE=7] HOT . [/SIZE]
  • ozpete
    Jayne - me or the deal???
  • Emma EDITOR
    Both ?? :p
  • nod
    :w00t: Hot vote from me too there Pete... awesome price
  • admin EDITOR
    get a room you two..... the last 3.95 pizza's got a good reception here so thanks Ozpete.
  • Emma EDITOR
    get a room you two..... .
    A room full of pizza!!!! And I'll come in a kinky outfit!!!

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