Peter's of Kensington free shipping on internet orders (paypal) during March

25 March 2008

I don;t know if this has been listed previously. I could not find it, but I think it is a good deal.


  • Keeys
    ohhhh nice deal HOT from me ...although I'm not sure hubby would agree lol
  • MamaK
    fabulous deal- does it just come up automatically? and look they have plungers so you can cancel your deals4u order
  • MamaK
    tested it- it comes up automatically when you choose checkout with paypal :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Some of the stuff at Peters of K is pretty well priced from what I've seen.
  • wombatblue
    wow, that's excellent, Peter's have some great prices but the postage cost is usually through the roof!
  • admin EDITOR
    Welcome to buckscoop wombatblue. Unfortunately there seems to be a trend amongst the merchants to have crappy postage charges - I blame ebay for it .
  • voteoften
    If you are looking for a bargain. Probably not many of you in this club...... There is an attractive avanti timber checkerboard cheeseboard with a knife. RRP $55 Peters price $15. I just bought some cute cookie cutters that make imprints on the dough. RRP $21, Peters $6
  • admin EDITOR
    If you are looking for a bargain. Probably not many of you in this club......
    Laughing my butt off.....
  • Keeys
    buckscoop and bargin in the same sentence WHAT NEXT?? :p
  • Wally
    Excellent prices .. without the premium freight charges. Thx
  • admin EDITOR
    yea - free delivery will make a lot of their pricing competitive.
  • nlafanclub
    I'm glad they're doing this as their new(ish) really high delivery costs had totally put me off.
  • jas44
    I love these: Only $3, makes the free postage very worthwhile:)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - they'd be something to go with the pink kettle and toaster that fairybelle was looking for over in the find me a bargain thread a while back.

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