Penfolds grange bargain sale at Jacks Wine

16 October 2009

No idea whether anyone on here is a wine buff with plenty of lucre for some penfolds but if you are or know a friend who is then this is worth a look. You dont often see the Penfolds Grange range on sale.

Jacks Wine have a stock of Penfolds grange and a couple of other lines that they're pushing out at a discount due to a 'liquidation' sale.

I just priced the Penfolds Grange 2002 which retails at $500 or so - jacks have got it at $400 a bottle. You have until 2050 to drink it so there's no rush.

There's quite a few magnums on sale (penfolds) one of which sells at $1400 a bottle. Would make an impressive christmas present for someone but you'd want to like them (and they'd have to invite you around to drink it).

What do you think?

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