Penfolds 2002 Grange Bin 95 Shiraz @ Jacks Wine $385

23 October 2007

Here's a bit of a bargain. I'm not sure exactly why its selling at $385 instead of the $500 per bottle it came out at but I'd say its probably because of the 3.5 star rating. Its still selling at $500 elsewhere so its not that the value isn't there.

In any case, having the Grange Hermitage name it's likely to appreciate in value if you hang onto it.

Any wine buffs out there want to tell me all they know about this one ??


  • Emma EDITOR I know nothing about wine. Is this really one bottle for $385... ? :eek:
  • nod
    The Grange Hermitage range is usually expensive... not that I am any sort of wine expert In fact that may be the extent of it. I just know what I like :D

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