Ozstock - Silicone Jumbo Cupcake/Muffin Bake Set $9.95 + $6.98 Shipping

8 March 2010

Create the biggest cupcakes your've ever seen with Jumbo Cupcakes, the non-stick silicone bake set that makes monster size cupcakes in 3 easy steps.

Simply fill with any cake batter mix, bake in your home oven, and decorate! Mix 'n' match flavors! Create a chocolatey top with a vanilla bottom - the possibilities are endless!

Includes the Easy Fill insert that lets you fill your cupcakes with ice cream, jello, pudding, and more.


* Giant Cake Sized Cupcakes
* Easy to use, just fill, bake and decorate
* Bake huge cupcakes 25 times store bought in minutes in your home oven
* Non-stick silicone surface is flexible, meaning cupcakes pop out every time
* Works with any cake mix: Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and more
* Fill your cup cakes with ice cream, mousse, and jello

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  • kazyazy
    I had to buy one...how cute is a giant cupcake :D

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