oo.com.au - 72 bottle peltier cooled Wine Cellar $349.95 (RRP $800)

18 June 2010

Enter coupon "CoolSave" and take $100 off the current price of $449.95

72 bottle wine cooler - set to 12 degrees and you can make sure your wine stays in decent condition. Uses peltier cooling which means low vibration - a very good thing for long term storage.

You can get a peltier based wine cabinet from the likes of
http://www.kitchenerwinecabinets.com.au/, and I'd recommend them if you want to store a lot of wine, but you're looking at a cost of more than double per bottle eg:

72 bottles for $350 = $4.86 per bottle
430 bottles for $4950 = $11.51 per bottle

Assuming that the thing is well made, then this is possibly a better deal than the previous Penfolds Vintec offer - a bit more than twice the price but holds nearly twice the amount, no limit/restrictions on purchase, don't have to buy any wine to qualify, and uses peltier cooling.....


  • ninkasi
  • ninkasi
    Of course if you need to store a decent amount of wine, I'd go for: http://www.kitchenerwinecabinets.com.au/_dbase_upl/peltier430GKWC.07-059ct.jpg http://www.kitchenerwinecabinets.com.au/_dbase_upl/peltier430oGKWC.07-061ct.jpg From ]here... :w00t:

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