Online Shopping Tips to Keep More Money in Your Pocket and Add Value

Shopping online has its fair share of perks along with some gripes as well. Many people love the idea of sitting in their living room and doing their shopping, (I know I do) whilst others prefer to physically visit the store. If you see yourself as more of an online shopper then you need to make sure you take note of the following shopping tips, because you could save yourself money as well as some precious time.

The following tips will bring together the variety of ways you can use online shopping to your advantage. It may be the simple grocery shop or you may like to shop with online discounts, vouchers or deals. Whatever your style, employ all of the following tips and you should be able to save yourself a little extra every month.
Online Grocery Shopping Online Shopping instead of visiting the store to save money

Supermarkets spend millions employing psychologists and marketing companies to design their stores with the sole aim getting you to spend more money. This makes them 'dangerous' places to visit with your wallet, so by simply not visiting one you're giving yourself a much higher chance of not overspending on unnecessary items. Avoid temptation, stick to your list and buy online so that you can monitor your shopping cart closely. Any marketing ploys designed to suck you in and spend more money in-store just won't apply to you anymore. Plus, if you don’t like the cost of having your items delivered, simply use Click & Collect on the school run or travelling home from work. One extra tip is that if you like to buy from the Deli at Woolworths, they will always give you more than your requested amount because they never want to be caught giving you less, which is a nice way get better value for money for free.


Discount Codes

Generally speaking, most online stores these days have a ‘Promotional Code’ or 'Coupon' during the checkout and payment process on their website. Its worth having a quick search online to see if you can find one, because the time you have saved not travelling to the store is time that can be spent saving more money. Websites like Buckscoop have discount codes for an extensive range of online retailers, otherwise a quick Google search can bring up a selection of alternatives. Discount codes come in a range of forms from free shipping, percentage discounts, bonus items and extra reward points. Purchasing online without looking for these codes first means there's a very high probability that you're leaving money on the table. Don't make this easily avoidable mistake and get more value for money.



Numerous retailers like to offer customer’s free shipping if they spend over a certain amount of money, otherwise they offer capped shipping rates regardless of how many items you order. Sometimes the caps can be low enough to suit your shop, however, other retailers can have high caps and therefore require you to pay for shipping most of the time. One tip I'd suggest is to leave items in your cart whilst you ask friends if they need anything from the site. Buying additional items for others often means you'll cross the free shipping threshold getting your stuff delivered at zero extra cost. Alternatively, referring to the section above, it's always a good idea to check voucher/coupon sites for any free shipping codes too.


Online Shopping Cart Incentives from Company's

Online Shopping Cart Incentives

Not all retailers do this, but the smart ones do. Another way to save money on your online purchase can be to leave the items in your shopping cart for a couple of days (providing you are logged into your account and add them to your cart.) Retailers will then sometimes recognise you left items in your cart without buying and send you email reminders along with an incentive to buy today e.g. 10% discount or free shipping etc.


Receive Deliveries at Work

Having your delivery made to work doesn’t necessarily save money but it can surely save you time. Generally speaking the office is always open during business hours so the likelihood of someone being able to receive it is high. I guess in a way, missing a delivery at home and receiving a post office card does cost extra fuel travelling on a Saturday morning to the post office to collect your delivery. Seems like an obvious bit of advice, but I'm always surprised at how many people I know who let themselves get into this situation by not thinking clearly during the online checkout process and having items sent to their home address during the week.


Comparison Websites

Maybe it's your birthday or you maybe you just feel like treating yourself, but before you run off to spend money on yourself it’s always a great idea to use comparison websites to find the best price for that new phone, laptop, pair of shoes etc. A very handy website for this is which has saved me plenty of money in the past. Otherwise I religiously check the Hot Deals on Buckscoop for bargains across a range of categories if I'm looking for a good price on specific product. Each deal write up usually contains a comparison of market prices for the product in question to give you a good perspective on how much you're likely to be saving.

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Deal Websites

Vouchers and discounts are no doubt a great way to save money but finding them can sometimes be a nuisance. From my experience I have come across a range of badly organised websites filled with ‘out of date’ deals and vouchers. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve found a great 50% off voucher to only realise that it’s expired when the website rejects it. I think what many people over time have come to appreciate with Buckscoop is its organisation of deals and vouchers and the way it's monitored continuously to keep content, coupons and freebies ‘up to date.’

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