Once: The Pancake Parlour - Annual Ladies Pancake Tossing Race Win $250

18 January 2010

The Annual Ladies Pancake Tossing Race recreates the original pancake tossing race held in Olney, Buckinghamshire since 1445 and celebrates International Pancake Day, known throughout the world as Shrove Tuesday.

The race will be held at Alexander Gardens, on the banks of the Yarra River and is easily accessible from Flinders Street Station.

The race commences at 10am sharp (must be in attendance by 9:45am.)

Ladies will dress in skirts, aprons and head scarves (traditional rules!) and toss a pancake during the 380m race.

Shrove Tuesday, International Pancake Day is celebrated with fun and feasting. According to tradition, there were feasts of pancakes to use up the stocks of flour, butter and eggs - foods forbidden during Lent.

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Tuesday, February 16th.
Race starts at 10am SHARP.
Meeting Point:
Alexander Gardens (Engineers Lawn).
Running shoes and a skirt. (Traditional Rules!) You will receive a t-shirt, head scarf, pancake and frypan.
You must run 380m with a pancake and frypan tossing the pancake once before the finish line.

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