Muffin Break Muffins - Buy 5 and get 1 Free PLUS Card for 5th Coffee Free

7 March 2008

Buy 5 muffins at Muffin Break and get one free.
No end date.
Your choice of either savoury or sweet muffins, and gluten-free now available.

Lovely muffins and a meal on their own. Normally $4.50 each savoury and $3.60 sweet.
$22.50 is for 6 savoury muffins but 6 sweet ones are $18.

While there also pick up a complimentary coffee card that entitles you to your 5th cup of coffee free after you have bought 4. This cards is valid at any Australian or NZ store.


  • nod
    Thanks Crafty. I have a bit of a soft spot for muffins :D
  • ScarletRubies
    I have several soft spots but I couldn't say they were caused exclusively by muffins.

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