8 April 2008

1 claim per household, remember to write why you DIDNT think it was the best ;-)

How to Claim:
Complete your details in full, including an answer in no less than 15 words as to why you did not think HEAVEN tastes the best

Enclose the promotionally marked wrapper from your purchase of a HEAVEN single pack OR the original/copy of the store receipt indicating the HEAVEN single pack

Send this completed claim form and product wrapper OR store receipt to:
HEAVEN Money Back
Guarantee Multi-Pack
PO Box 91,
Brookvale NSW 2100

You will be refunded the full recommended retail price of $3.00 for a HEAVEN single pack, or the product purchase price indicated on your receipt. Your refund will be sent to you within 28 days. Limit 1 claim per household. Cash refund for maximum 1 product per claim.

Promotion commences 31/01/08 & closes 08/11/08.
Claims must be received by last mail 08/12/08. See or call 1800 002 280 for full conditions. Limit 1 claim per household. Cash refund for
maximum 1 product per claim. Claims must include a completed claim form (incl. an answer in not less than 15 words as to why you did not think HEAVEN tastes the best) & the product wrapper OR purchase receipt (or a copy).


  • geo78
    sorry gallifrey...but this is a sneaky way to get a freebie and i don't think it should be encouraged on this forum. please don't get angry with me for saying that
  • Gallifrey
    Oh I dont get angry, so dont worry! You may think it is a sneaky way, but the fact is it is their sneaky promotion as per their website, the product and as stated above: Promotion commences 31/01/08 & closes 08/11/08 It is actually a promotion and not something hidden in small print anywhere, so they are offering everyone their money back, but if you dont want to take them up on it then dont!
  • geo78
    it is a promotion to encourage people to buy their products and to express their honest opinion about the product. the company then will use that feedback to create better products for the costumer. if the opinions are not honest, are just included there in order to get the money back, i don't think it will help anyone...just my 2 cents...
  • Gallifrey
    maybe you can ring them tomorrow and tell them that you dont like their promotion, because I havent stated any of my opinion here, only the facts from their promotions!
  • Keeys
  • nod
    They do actually appear to want you to slag their product off :D I guess it is exactly the same if they asked for you to say " why you loved the stuff " ... just not the usual tack :D And in some ways this requires a lot more thought And I wonder if it is a given that they will send you the $ or whether they refuse you if your comment is rubbish :D
  • joelwilliam
    I don't think this sort of stuff should be on buckscoop either.
  • Gallifrey
    I don't think this sort of stuff should be on buckscoop either.
    why was it ok for the money back offer to be listed here for SCHICK but not this one?
  • ScarletRubies
    I don't think this sort of stuff should be on buckscoop either.
    There's a few things on BS I wish would go away.
  • leny
    Wrapper OR Store receipt... That means you can buy one, claim for one with say the wrapper, give the store receipt to a friend so together you get double the money back?? Hahahaha I'm just asking to get flamed. ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    Ok you lot - clarification here. This deal can stay up. One of the founding principles of this site is that Buckscoop is a tool for the consumer to reverse the power imbalance that exists between merchant and consumer. The dialogue we have got in this thread is good (mostly) - discussion and opposing opinions are how we as a community can break down the nuts and bolts of a product, or promotion etc etc. If we were all just sycophantic then all we'd have would be posts where everyone agreed and no one would ever challenge the status quo and we'd never learn that we could get it cheaper elsewhere or that there was a way to get more out of the purchase. Its good that people suggest alternatives and question things - not bad. Its how we reverse some of the imbalance. To me this campaign is either a very poorly thought out one or an incredibly smart one. I favour the latter. Nestle has a very big marketing budget and years and years of experience at it. For them to simply make this sort of mistake (not knowingly give a freebie away) is possible but I'd say unlikely. More likely is that some smart cookie in their head office knows the power of viral marketing and this is a calculated campaign. They will no doubt either restrict it or chop it once its served their purposes. In any case its packaged as a 'Promotion' - thats a pretty clear thing to me. To me this is a pretty shrewd lead generation campaign. You provide them with your name, street address, postcode..... in return they give you a sample ... ie they get you to drive the car. Its a freebie but in a slightly different form. I'd also suggest that its not simply by co-incidence that Red Rooter is plastered all over the promo. I think we all need to be a little more challenging. To disagree with someone is fine - its horses for courses. The only time I personally would draw a line on here is where we get something where the proprietor is a small cottage business and its pretty clear that through lack of experience they've made a silly mistake and they're going to pay for it when the baying bargain dogs come . Then - to me - I reckon ethically - either someones gotta tell the person whats about to happen or it gets removed off here.
  • Gallifrey
    Thanks Admin for the clarification.
  • MamaK completely agree Donkey, it's obvious they know what they are doing.

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