MELBOURNE: One Night Only Special: Biero Bar (City) $5 pints

23 November 2010

Biero Bar (City), which has one of the best range of beers in the country, is offering $5 pints tomorrow night (24/11/2010) starting at 5pm. Head on down and taste some world class brews!

Beer to start with @ $5: Hardcore, paradox, and abbey dubbel from hargreaves.

From previous experience, they serve more than 140 beers from around the world, and they serve trappists too!

Location: 525 Little Lonsdale st, Melbourne


  • admin EDITOR
    Good deal if it applies across all the beers they have.
  • Kensington
    Im not too sure about this, i guess the chance is pretty thin as they have some beer with 40% plus alcohol content.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - is that that scottish brew ? There's only one brewery I know of that does a 40% beer. :) I doubt you'd be drinking that stuff by the pint.

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