McDonalds: Free FIFA Coca-Cola World Cup Glass with every big mac or seared sweet chilli wrap meal

27 May 2010

Simply buy a big mac meal or seared sweet chilli wrap meal and receive a FIFA Coca-Cola World Cup Glass, theres 6 to collect.


  • frogduck
    ohh i like big mac meals :) gotta head to maccas sometime :D
  • nod
    These look like the coke ones
  • frogduck
    ooo i want a green one :)
  • jj131105
    Got my pink one today, love it
  • normie
    ooo i want a green one :)
    Currently in Melbourne you have a choose between a green or pink glass.
  • viviano
    how much is a meal?
  • davidlam1234
    @ viviano. costs $50!!!!!! OMG... lol jokes. normal price
  • craftykiwi
    how much is a meal?
    Around $6. We got these glasses last time (although only one colour with whatever that promotion was - green). Great glasses just need to be careful - a little more fragile than some.
  • odysseus
    Are they actually glass, or plastic?
  • fairybelle
    i got one on sat, and they are glass.
  • naffi
    they are not as big as last times, but I do second that they are fragile, though do not bounce as some glasses will

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