Mags Online - Masterchef Magazine 6 Issues for $20

18 April 2010

Special early bird rate 6 issues of Masterchef magazine for $20 is available for one week only.


  • nod
    Never read the mag, are the recipes any good. Well what I really mean is our they yummy but simple. Hate cook books that are OTT and too difficult to make. I am a lazy chef :D
  • kazyazy
    Its a brand new magazine, sign up by the 26th April to receive the first issue :)
  • admin EDITOR
    This'd be based around the tellie series no ?
  • nod
    This'd be based around the tellie series no ?
    I guess so
  • nod
    inspired by Network Ten's hit Australian TV series,
    Yep - says on the landing page :p
  • queenshrew
    Looks tempted! I'm one of those people who always buy recipe books and mags....whether I cook or bake anything from there is another story :D

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