21 March 2010

It's beer, and it's lucky! What more can I say?

Well, $49.95 for 24 bottles. Reviews are all positive, claiming the style is similar to Corona. With the sitewide free shipping today if using paypal, that's just over $2 per bottle. For taste, you're probably better off getting the slightly cheaper Tiger beer at Dealsdirect, but you won't get that bottle! Great for gifts, parties, and after drinking you can use the bottles for candle holders, reuse for ginger beer....


  • ninkasi
    Beer is made & bottled in China for an ]Australian company..... Tried to find a better picture of the bottle, but their web site is full of flash so the only direct image links are some large wallpapers... ah well.... http://www.luckydrinkco.com/wallpapers/wall01.jpg
  • ninkasi
    My expectation would be that this would be good to drink *with* asian food, more than savour on it's own. I'd also note that they have a great deal on Martens Pils (24 x Martens Pils 330ml Cans - Beer - DealsDirect.com.au Australia) at $29.95 for 24*330ml which is a good price for quite a reasonable Belgian light ale. Not the best Belgian, but not bad. It's in a can though, which can affect the taste if it's been in there for a while so that makes me shy away from that special.

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