Liquor Home Delivery - Huge end of financial year clearance + free next day delivery

24 June 2012

I'm not really a drinker, but I hope the items listed might be of some use to some of us here.

Sale runs from now until end of June. To check out on the sale, please click on catalogue specials on homepage


On top of that new customers get $10 off. You'll need to click on $10 reward for new customers.
First time customers only. Discount code is sent via email and must be placed into checkout where discount code is requested.
Code must be used within 7 days.
Minimum Purchase Value is $100.00)

Sale includes:
Lizard Rock Shiraz Cab $2.99ea
Hardy Colombard Chard 750ML $3.99ea
Oakover Chard $5.99ea
Sunstone Luscious Fruity White & Red $6.99 by 2 pack
Arimia Cab Merl & SSB $7.99 by 2 pack
McGuigan Black Label Range $7.99 by 2 pack
Valley of the Giants CDR & CDW $7.99 by 2 pack
Wyndham 1828 Sauv Blanc $7.99ea
Wydnham 1828 Unwooded Chard $7.99ea
Wolf Blass Red label Shiraz Cab Sauv $7.99ea
Watershed Sweet Margaret $7.99ea
Evans & Tate Gnan Range $8.99 by 2 pack
Evans & Tate Classic Range $9.99 by 2 pack
Fifth Leg Range $9.99 by 2 pack
Goundrey Homestead Range $9.99 by 2 pack
Hazard Hill SSB $9.99 by 2 pack
McGuigan Bin 2000, 8000, 3000 $9.99 by 2 pack
Peter Lehman Barossa Blonde $9.99 by 2 pack
Rosemount Diamond Range $9.99 by 2 pack
Xanadu Dragon Cab Merl, SSB & Unw Chard $9.99 by 2 pack
Barwick Crush Range $9.99 by 3 pack, Buy 3 get one FREE!
Oakover Range $9.99 by 3 pack, Buy 3 get one FREE
Fisher Circle Classic Dry Red $9.99ea
Churchview SBS $9.99ea
Optimus Shiraz Cab 2005 $9.99ea, Buy 6 get 6 FREE
De Bortoli Vat 8 Shiraz $10.99 by 2 pack
Alkoomi Sauv Blanc Range $10.99 by 2 pack
Barwick White Label Range $10.99 by 2 pack
Leaping Lizard Range $10.99 by 2 pack
Forrester Classic Dry Red $10.99ea
Driftwood Classic Dry White Range $11.99 by 2 pack
Early Harvest SSB $11.99 by 2 pack
Moses Rock SSB $11.99ea
Crowded House Sauv Blanc $12.99 by 2 pack
Pitchfork SSB $12.99 by 2 pack
Vidal Sauv Blanc $12.99 by 2 pack
Old Dogs New Tricks Red $12.99ea
Barking Owl SSB, Cab Merl & Shz Viog $13.99 by 2 pack
Brancott Sauv Blanc $13.99 by 2 pack
Brookland Valley Verse 1 Range $13.99 by 2 pack
Swings & Roundabouts Cab Merl $13.99 by 2 pack
Capel Vale CV Range $13.99 by 2 pack, Buy 12 get a FREE Magnum
Ferngrove Chardonnay $14.99 by 2 pack
Amberley Secret Lane Range $14.99 by 2 pack
Angus the Bull Cab Sauv $14.99 by 2 pack
Cape Mentelle Georgiana $14.99 by 2 pack
Flying Fish SSB $14.99 by 2 pack
Goundrey G Cab Temprenello $14.99 by 2 pack
Miles From Nowhere Shz & Cab Merl $14.99 by 2 pack
Peter Lehman Shiraz $14.99 by 2 pack
Wills Domaine SSB Range $14.99 by 2 pack
Vavousour Sauv Blanc $14.99 by 2 pack
Wise Sea Urchin $14.99 by 2 pack
Secret Stone Sauv Blanc $14.99ea
Hay Shed Hill SSB Range $15.99 by 2 pack
Omrah Range $15.99 by 2 pack
St Clair Sauv Blanc $17.99 by 2 pack
Penfolds Bin 51 $17.99ea
Matua Valley Sauv Blanc $17.99ea
Matua Hawkes Bay Sauv Blanc $17.99ea
Cape Mentelle SSB $19.99ea
Cape Mentelle Trinders Cab Merl $19.99ea
Evans & Tate Redbrook Chard 2008 $22.99ea
Rongbolt Cab Sauv $24.99ea
Henske Seven $29.99ea
Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sauv $29.99ea
Penfolds Bin 28, 128, 138 $32.99ea
St Hugo Cab Sauv $39.99ea
Yalumba The Signature $39.99ea
Penfolds Bin 407 $49.99ea
Penfolds Bin 389 $59.99ea
Penfolds Bin 389 Magnum $99.99ea
Penfolds RWT $149.99ea
Penfolds RWT Magnum $299.99ea

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