Lindt: 2 dine-in drinks for the price of 1

21 December 2011

Not sure if this is happening in other states, but at the stores in Melbourne (City, Chadstone, South Yarra & Southgate) they have a deal at the moment where you get two drinks for the price of 1 if you dine in. If you get two different drinks, you get the cheapest for free.

You may need a voucher to get the deal, although today they just gave it to me without asking. At the shop they had a pile of vouchers on a table, so you could always just wander around the shop, look at what's on offer, pickup a voucher and then arrange for the drinks before sitting down.

Now their normal prices are not cheap at face value, but when you count this deal in it's excellent value. In fact, when you sit down (assuming you go the hot chocolate - I recommend the less sweet dark chocolate) you get a small cup of liquid chocolate, a pot of hot milk, and a cup. It easily makes three cups of chocolate so it turns out to be not much more than $1 a cup or so.... oh, we also got a chocolate ball on the side.

Lindt is not my absolute favourite chocolate, but it is very good quality and easily beats a standard hot chocolate that's probably made up of Nesquik dust at best....


  • queenshrew
    Yummo! You are making me hungry in the middle of the night ;p Pity I'm in Brissie :(
  • ninkasi
    Pity I'm in Brissie :(
    Brisvegas, eh? Been a while since I was out your way, but there's Max Brenners I guess. I've heard good things about the hot chocolate (as well as the coffee) at ]Bunker.... Went back to Lindt yesterday - got the deal again, only we both went the coffee..... should have stuck with the hot chocolate (it *is* a chocolate shop after all) as the coffee was ok but certainly not great.... a little watery and slightly over extracted... plus we didn't get the chocolate balls! Still, spotted a couple of work mates there and they hadn't got the 2 for 1 deal *or* a chocolate....
  • lisss
    Yum, I'm in Perth atm and they don't have Lindt... pity! Thanks for posting!

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