Jacks Wine - 3 cases for $100 plus shipping 24hour sale!

1 July 2008

24 hour sale.
3 cases of Stockman's Post Semillon Chardonnay for $100
I received this promo via hoo haa nad it looks great. Just check suipping amount for your postcode.

Jack's Comments: This is a great wine I really could not believe how good this wine was incredible amount of flavour at this price lovely intense peaches and citrus flavours. I could drink this all day with the flavours and yes it is another one of those export labels that luckily did not make it onto the ship.

Winemaker's Comments: Pale straw and the aroma is packed full of citrus and tropical fruit derived from the Semillon component. The Chardonnay adds complexity and balance to this fruit-driven style. Palate: The blend of Semillon and Chardonnay give balance to the palate, with rich mouthfeel and plenty of crisp citrus and peach flavours


  • voteoften
    Yep, $20 per case to ship to perth. I find it hard to believe that they can not negotiate better rates. A lot of other companies are able to ship to WA for $6.50 to $10 from the eastern states. Even rip off COTD is $10 or $15 per case.
  • admin EDITOR
    you serious voteoften - $100 for the wind and $60 to ship it. Jeeze. We know that the shipping rates can quite easily be negotiated down as ]wine market will deliver anywhere for $5. I'll give you a hot for the 3 case find jenniet.
  • voteoften
    Yep, that's right. Deals Direct, oo.com.au, and cotd don't pay the same price you or I would, that's why although the postage can add a significant amount to an item, it is still a bargain relative to what we could send it as, because it is all automated and in such high volume. I just bought a case with delivery from the eastern states for a $6.50 delivery fee. For me this deal would be $60 postage. For some in the eastern states the freight would be about $20 - $25. It could be a good deal for folks in the east, depending on drinkability.

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