IGA 4c off per litre fuel deal with purchase of min $30 instore.

18 July 2013

I was reading this initially thinking it was too crappy an offer to bother posting as it´s only 4c per litre and you´re restricted to max 80 litres, but what turned me was that unlike the other supermarkets where you have to buy the fuel from one of their connected servos, IGA let you buy from anywhere.

The way IGA have configured this is slightly different to the others. Here you can go buy your fuel whereever. Then, within 14 days take the fuel receipt into a store and provided you spend min $30 in one transaction (excluding tobacco) they will rebate the 4c discount to a max of 80 litres against your purchase.

The promo is at 'participating stores' only, so you need to verify the one you´re shopping at is participating, but I suspect that refers to the state exclusions as the promo includes NSW, OLD, SA and Selected stores in Victoria, but does not include Western Australia or Foodland IGA stores in South Australia.

What do you think?

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