Half price Decor Storage Containers @ Coles

24 March 2009

Starts Thursday Selected Coles Stores Only.
May not be available at coles online.
Tellfresh & Microsafe range
Decor Tellfresh Oblong Container 250ml was $2.99 now $1.49
Decor Tellfresh Oblong Container 900ml was $4.29 now $2.14
Decor Microsafe Soup Mug was $5.25 now $2.62
Decor Tellfresh Super Storer 5.5Litre was $9.99 now $4.99


  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Normie. Good to see Coles right behind BigW sale from last week. :)
  • mouldgirl
    I stocked up with the sistema offer. Prefer the quality over the decor ones that have cracked on me in the past
  • doozerberry
    I purchased the sistema ones also, but will be returning them as they dont seem to be liquid tight, which means they wont be airtight either. If I can pick up some decor ones I'll be happy. If they cracked on you, you should've called their complaints department, they should replace it!
  • Keeys
    I wouldn't mind a couple of the soup mugs for the kids for winter......fingers crossed my store has some on Sunday!
  • NoosieB
    I'm always keeping an eye on the shelves for discounted storage containers. That pantry of mine is going to look very organised, over time! Thanks normie.

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