Groceryrun - Columbian Coffee Capsules 20 pack (Nespresso compatible coffee pods) $6.95

4 March 2013

4 March 2013
$6.95 + $2.95 postage = $9.90 ie 49.5 cent per pod (cheaper if you buy other items as Groceryrun have $11 maximum postage)

Enjoy quality coffee with the finest hand selected Colombian Arabica beans that are delicately roasted to preserve the full bodied flavour and medium acidity. With 20 capsules of dark roasted coffee per box, and Nespresso® Compatible, get your hands on the Royal Blend brand and wake up to the delicious scent and taste that it delivers.


Royal Blend Colombian Coffee Capsules 20Pk
Dark Roast
Nespresso® Compatible
20 x 5g capsules
Roasted and ground coffee
Best before 30 November 2013

Other flavours also available.


  • admin EDITOR
    I've read some bad things about compatible pods. Do you know if these are ok ones?
  • stevehl
    I have tested quite a number of compatible pods and refillable systems. I use a Krups XN 2003 Nespresso Essenza machine. I have a small burr grinder and coffee is ground fresh everyday. For economy I buy pods in 200 lots from Italy via eBay. - Use once capsules with stick on silver lid. Works ok and is not as picky about the grind as the EMOHome. - EMOHome refillable 4th Generation - You need to get the right grind and tamper into it not too firmly for it to work. Press too hard and coffee struggles to come out. If coffee ground is too coarse or if you tamper too lightly, coffee comes out too quickly and is weak. - Espresso Toscano (Italian) - above average flavour - L'Or - above average flavour (available at Coles) - Nespresso Brand - good flavour, nice crema. Other Comments 1) The coffees from pods work out to be very expensive, over $150.00 a kilo (compared with a single origin freshly roasted coffee at just under $50/kg). 2) The quality in the cup is poor to middling, even the original Nespresso has never been that great. 3) The capsule system is incredibly resource intensive in terms of energy and materials (uses too much plastic). The supermarket chains are pushing capsules pretty hard, though, and shrinking the aisle space they use for roasted beans. Presumably the capsules give them more opportunity for house brands and the profits that go with them, as well as providing lengthy "use by" dates.
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