Grocery Run Easter promotion - Red Tulip Milk Solid Easter Eggs $5.94 for 3 160g bags

15 March 2012

Grocery Run have just released their Easter promo and there are some yummy goodies to be had.

Just to give you an idea what this compares to with someone like Coles:

Red Tulip Milk Solid Egg Bag-
GR $1.24 per 100g
Coles $2.20 per 100g

Cadbury Creme Eggs-
GR 41 cents each
Coles $1.60 each
Woolies $1.70 each

Lots more in there to list...worth a look especially if you are buying a bit as the shipping is capped today at $8.50.


  • nod
    Yeah the capped delivery make it a pretty good sale. Great if you had a big family or school Easter egg hunt. Hot vote from me. I love chocolate
  • Pookie
    I am going to need a really good Gym promo for after Easter :D
  • VeeDubya
    This will be great for the kids Easter Egg hunt. Thanks
  • nod
    This offer is still on. I had thought it was a one day thing
  • Pookie
    It looks like they are no longer selling the red tulips or the large creme eggs but they still have some Cadbury eggs in stock.
  • Pookie
    Ignore my last comment, they have put the Red Tulip eggs back on the site

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