Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course is just $20.70 delivered @ Amazon

14 May 2013

Amazon has a great deal on the hardcover edition of Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course; it is just $20.70 including delivery charges.

I did a quick price comparison and found it for $34.61 at The Book Depository which has free international shipping and at $39.99 at Angus & Robertson which also has free shipping. Booktopia has it at $33.40 excluding shipping charges.


  • Londoner
    I bought this the other day from Amazon for £5.00 when it came up on www.hotukdeals.com (which I suggest is the UK version from which this site is copied) but now it's showing at £16.00, so hardly a deal I feel.
  • Captainjack
    Yeah, looks like you got it at the best price so far based on Amazon's price fluctuations for this book. Will probably keep an eye on this myself to see if it drops to the £5 level again.
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  • wfdTamar
    On principal I wouldn't buy anything that would pay that horrible man anything.
  • admin EDITOR
    Horrible for what reason (apart from being generally offensive) ? His TV personalities are pretty dumb but then thats just for the camera.
  • wfdTamar
    Well, that's the only way I get to see him (I'm thinking mostly of a reality show set in his own restaurant quite a few years ago). He is a terrible role model for men (well - boys). Arrogant, abusive. An extreme example of these 'celebrity' UK chefs who think being nasty is the way to show you are good in your field.
  • MissSparrow
    so much hate on poor gordon! hahah The price on Amazon has gone down again to five pounds so including delivery charges and all, its back at the posted deal price of $20.70 for now.
  • Captainjack
    I'll take that offer! :)
  • pjau
    Gordon Ramsay isn't mean or horrible to anyone, anything he says is in the best interests of who hes helping (even if it does sound harsh or involves swearing), the people on those reality shows are often retarded and need a good kick in the bum if they are going to succeed, if you want nicey nice watch Jamie Oliver. :)
  • Londoner
    The price had gone back to being realistic but I see that it is now back at £16. What difference does it make whether you like the guy, or not. You'd be buying a book not him for an afternoon, He happens to be a terrific chef and his tips can be invaluable.

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