Good bargain - 12 x Hardys Woodcroft Shiraz 2007 + cashback + movie tickets from Wine Market $75

30 June 2010

Bit of a bargain for a wine that would otherwise cost around $150 a case. I've not tried it but its Hardy's so will be dependably drinkable but nothing to blow your head off. I personally like Shiraz.

Cashback is 7.6% so will bring the effective purchase price of the case down to $68.20. There's also an offer there that if your a first time purchaser you can claim two free movie tickets with the order. Assuming you would be going to the movies there's another $20 in value, so if you take the other bits into account the case is going to cost you around about $54.20 ($48.20 +$6 delivery). Unfortunately I havent figured out a good way to get free delivery on this one.

Might be worth getting in sooner if your wanting to buy it. They had a deal on for a case of Cab Sav 2007 for $59 which has all gone.


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    Details for the movie tickets can be found here. eNEWSLETTERS AND MOVIE TICKETS
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    An alternative would be to sign up for the newsletters and get the $10 off gift voucher on offer. Not sure if you'd be able to stack the $10 off and the movie tickets together. eNEWSLETTERS

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