Gold Medal Winning Composite Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2007 - $75 a case delivered

2 July 2010

The Composite Sauvignon Blanc from the Winegrowers of Ara is not your normal, bog standard Marlborough savvy.

For a start it's a blend of the best fruit from the best vineyard blocks the winemakers have at their disposal. Then it's given the respect it deserves and is used to make a more restrained, more textured and more complex sauvignon blanc that has more in common with the classic styles from Sancerre in France that most of the other shrill and pungent Kiwi savvy's cluttering the market.

So instead of all those inyourface cat's pees and stinging nettle characters you get in a lot of them, the Composite delivers a fine, flinty flavour profile and tightly focused palate.

$85 a case + $6 delivery

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With the generous 7.6% buckscoop cashback, it works out to be around $75 a case (or about $6.25 a bottle) delivered


  • labgirl
    Try FACE2 as a coupon code; it gave me ~$12 discount on an $85 case today; maybe a $1 a bottle discount which is better than nothing:) sadly I forgot to go through buckscoop for cashback
  • ethanol
    I also forgot buckscoop - D'oh - oh well - hopefully someone else can take advantage and together with FACE2 get an extra $2 off!

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