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10 May 2013

Firstly the site is in Italian so it will be a little challenging to some readers (including myself). The trick is to create your user name at and then login to the site.

The Ardes ice cream maker/gelati machine has a compressor (that is, you don't need to freeze a bowl first). It 's simple to use and can produce 800g of icecream at a time.

- Digital timer 15, 30, 50 minutes
- Removable aluminum container 1kg is easy to clean.
- Super silent
- Timer
- Power supply: 230V, 50Hz, 200W
- 30 x 40 x 29cm

Place the ice cream maker near a power supply socket on a flat, stable surface, without obstructing the circulation of air at the sides (at least 10 cm away from walls or objects).
Remove the motor unit (2). Remove the cover (3) by turning it in an anticlockwise direction and remove the paddle (7) and removable cover (6).

Prepare the ingredients and pour them into the removable canister. The ingredients should be chilled to refrigerator temperature. Do not use warm ingredients.
Do not fill the removable canister more than halfway (no more than 800 g). The volume of the ice cream will fill the canister during the last few minutes of preparation.
Pour approximately 30ml of cooking alcohol (approximately 23g) into the fixed cylinder (this is necessary to transfer the cold from the fixed cylinder to the removable canister and ensure the successful outcome of the ice cream).
WARNING: the alcohol should be poured into the fixed cylinder and not mixed with the ingredients.
Insert the removable canister into the fixed cylinder. Insert the paddle and replace the cover, making sure that the paddle gearing juts out of the hole in the cover. Lock the cover by turning it in a clockwise direction. Replace the motor unit (2).
Plug in the machine.The power supply light (13) will illuminate.
Start the chilling process by pressing the chill button (11). The display will show the countdown and the appliance will stop mixing when it reaches the end.
WARNING: the appliance is equipped with a refrigeration compressor safety device, so the compressor will start a few minutes after it has been switched on.
The chill light (14) will illuminate when the chilling process starts.
Press the mix button (12) to start and stop the paddle. User the timer button (10) to set the mixing time automatically. The time can be set to 15, 30 and 50 minutes.
WARNING: the mixing time can be adjusted only while the paddle is operating; pressing the timer button will not change the time if the paddle is not operating.

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