Fruit Only - Pay with paypal - Jingle Bell Rock BONUS Rocky Road

16 December 2007

Enjoy our summer fruit with the handmade taste of Whisk & Pin's rocky road (worth $14.95) made from rich, dark Belgian chocolate, soft marshmallows and chewy cranberries! Yummy! This Christmas classic is neatly placed amongst the fresh summer fruit, which includes, mangoes, cherries, lychees, apricots, peaches and other seasonal favourites. Christmas has never tasted so good! Offer closes 20 Dec 07 and payment must be made using PayPal. Conditions apply.


  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks Keeys. Dunno what the Fuit Only one is like but I love the New Norcia rocky road. Anyone using this offer - you may need to be careful. It may be that paypal happily pocket your cashback if you take up the offer, instead of us being able to give it back to you.
  • nod
    I loooovvveee Rocky road but my sis loves it even more :D Thanks Keeys I might go and see what the other restrictions are :)
  • nod
    Looks like it might be Sydney only :(

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