FREE One dozen Original doughnuts when you buy any dozen between 10am and 12pm on Melbourne Cup Day

29 October 2008

Krispy Kreme has the big race day on track.
Enjoy the race that stops the nation with Krispy Kreme - Purchase any one dozen doughnuts between 10am and 12pm in your nearest store on Melbourne Cup Day (Tuesday 4th November) and receive One dozen Original Glazed FREE.

Enjoy a box of Krispy Kremes with friends and family whilst you cheer on your good thing!


  • geo78
  • queenshrew
    Sounds like a great deal (altho not a big fan of donuts, crispy kreme or not - but hubby is lol) Doubt we'll get it though... Since they made it 10am-12pm - that's abit restrictive (and grr..reminds me of CoTD) lol Wish it's all day :D

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