Free goody bag with April issue of Australian Table mag at Coles

3 April 2008

First time I've bought this magazine but the goody bag won me over (which is what it's designed to do I guess)

Inside is:
Splenda sweetener
sippah straw
betty crocker warm delights (single serve)
cheeky monkey nut clusters (full size)
Palmolive naturals shampoo and conditioner samples
mentos sample

also meant to have
glad steam lock bag & Pantene sample but they had a note that they had supply issues.

Magazine costs $3.95 and the 100th April issue has
165+ best recipes
baking special- 12 easy cakes and slices
100 speedy meal ideas
kids party food
low fat favourites
$23,000 in prizes to be won


  • craftykiwi
    Similar deal to the Home & Garden magazine offer, but guess the recipes would pull me more towards this deal since always needing new inspiration there.
  • nlafanclub
    yeah, I'm a bit of a fan of the cooking mags too. A Freebies bag never hurts though!
  • admin EDITOR
    always needing new inspiration there.
    What do you like to eat crafty ??
  • craftykiwi
    Love Indian, Mexican, Chinese, pizzas and most types of desserts. Not keen on seafood, except for canned tuna and salmon, and have gone off the old standby favourites of Italian pastas like lasagna, although don't mind a good carbonara.
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhh - have a good chicken curry I can just about recollect from memory. Cant remember the name but can remember pretty much the rest. Cabonara - I could never get that really rich eggy feel to carbonara until I had some yolks leftover from a flourless choc orange cake and put them in it. I'd always just used the whole egg but the yolks are what you want. That and really good green smoked bacon. Chinese - love all forms of it. Can probably think up a few things there. Mexican I'm useless at except have cracked a decent Spanish potatoe tapa's style omletted. :) not that I'm food obsessed at all.
  • craftykiwi
    Mexican - usually cheat and get the tacos/wraps and sachets from the supermarket. Makes a quick and easy meal and with all the healthy taco toppings (lettuce, tomato, grated carrot) makes it easy to get those into the kids for the week. Latest favourite is quaesdillas - buy the Jumbo tortillas and fill with the cooked mince taco mix, cheese and sour cream (or go for the vegetarian alternative) and grill in frypan or our choice, a George Foreman grill. Very tasty.
  • nlafanclub
    ...and have gone off the old standby favourites of Italian pastas like lasagna...
    What??? Noooooo! How could you go off lasagna crafty - how could anyone :confused:? Garfield would be very disappointed ;) . I bought the mag today, saw the lasagna recipe & decided that's what I'd make first. So, bought the mag, got the bag. Mine pretty much had what Mamak listed, but had the glad steam bag, although not the mentos. The note in mine only said the Pantene wasn't available, didn't mention missing mentos. Then again, when I got home I noticed my bag had been partially opened, so I guess someone else got to enjoy those - cheeky buggers :p Still a couple of good items there :) Thanks Mamak

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