Free 1.25L Coke with any pizza purchase - Dominos (selected stores) - Ends 1/7/2012

25 June 2012

Splash screen on currently says:

Free Coke with any pizza purchase

Receive a free 1.25L Coke with any pizza purchase made on
One free Coke per order. Selected stores only. Limited time only.

One week only. Ends 1 July.

NO COUPON REQUIRED. Not a freebie technically because a purchase is required.


  • Pookie
    So today (cheap pizza day) I can get a pepperoni pizza and a 1.25l coke for $ can that be so good and yet so bad!
  • theoldmill
    I think they are getting rid of coke bottle s that are about 2 expire lol But this really is real saving right there.
  • Pookie
    LOL, with all the sugar in Coke, I think the expiry date is somewhere nearer 2112 not 2012!
  • admin EDITOR
    Its the date on which the container expires - the liquid inside will still be around after the next ice age....... slowly eating its way through the ice......

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