Eurolab Vacuum Sealer (24 hour special) $49.95 + $7.95 postage (approx)

21 January 2013

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The Eurolab Vacuum Preservation System offers you perfectly fresh and hygienic food, in addition to the massive savings you will reap by having the ability to buy in bulk! Save literally hundreds by buying meat, vegetables, cheese and more in bulk and sealing it effectively for an extra long life in your fridge or freezer!

The Eurolab Vacuum Preservation System is compact, lightweight and simple to use with hands free operation -- it seals in just seconds -- much easier and more time effective than even using cling wrap in a lot of cases. Not only will your food remain fresh and hygienic, but you will eliminate the risk of freezer burn, thus allowing frozen foods to maintain a level of freshness you've not been able to experience previously with extended periods of storage time.

A must have item for maintaining the health of your family, the Eurolab Vacuum Seal System also offers a bag seal function without the vacuum for times when you just want to seal something for safe keeping - great for photos, certificates and more.

Don't miss out on this essential home item -- at this price these won't last!

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