Eat jelly beans, help our Ebay charity pool... yum!

16 December 2007

OK, as far as "hot" deals go, this one is probably only a simmer EXCEPT that you are making a charitable contribution whilst scoffing yummy "candy".

Do you love Jelly Belly beans? I am not addicted officially (can't mainline them...) but I'm a bit of a fan. And I'm not shallow - I don't care how they look. These babies can be lumpy, bumpy, over size or under size - I don't judge.

SO the Jelly Belly factory in the US sells "Belly Flops" - the Raggy Dolls of the candy world. Same product, wrong shape. Still yummy. AND not available in Australia or from the factory or other US online suppliers. But some lovely folk do sell them on Ebay. There's a couple of different sellers, all with acceptable feedback from what I saw. I think the best price with postage was 4lb (1.8kg, in two bags) for US$25.20 total (at least, this is how much I paid for mine).

AND your cash back goes to charity... sweet, eh? :)

What do you think?

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