Easter sale at Darrell Lea

17 March 2008



  • holdenmg
    http://www.dlea.com.au/docs/images/newsletters/headers/newsletter_header.jpghttp://fusionmail.blackglass.com.au/download/files/13848/461981/Easter+Special+1.jpg http://fusionmail.blackglass.com.au/download/files/13848/461982/Easter+Special+2.jpg
  • craftykiwi
    I won't vote you cold but don't the deals for this leg have to be internet based to qualify?
  • lilpretzel
    Yes correct craftykiwi. Plus Rule 7 states - No competition, freebie or 'x is having a sale' posts allowed. So unfortunately holden this deal falls into both areas and can't be included in the comp. http://img526.imageshack.us/img526/6515/abunny2jj4.gif
  • nod
    Where has the post gone?? No need to take it down - it just can't be entered in the comp :(
  • nod
    Hey Holdenmg I have reinstated the piccies and it would be great if you could add the deal info again Sorry if there was any confusion :(
  • nod
    Holdenmg would you like me to remove this for you?
  • craftykiwi
    Yes, please don't remove it - love chocolate and Darrell Leas so always good to know about special deals to justify buying there!

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