Eagle Boys: PICK UP PIZZAS $4.95 EACH!!!

31 March 2009

I just saw a TV ad for $5.50 pickup pizzas all week (all stores, except more for most regional stores) however for a lot of locations an online order is going through at $4.95... Even $5.50 is good IMO and that price is guaranteed!

Eagle Boys fights back... Dominos have had good deals and now someone else is getting in on the action ;)


  • apmum
    I can't get through on the "Go to deal" link. Could you please let us know what the link is please.
  • Nelson
    Same problem for me.
  • nod
    Just fixed the link :) SO we don't need a code or anything Lisss?
  • Brad
    As with Domino's - at $4.95, i'm starting to question the quality..
  • lisss
    There's nothing on the website about the deal, it's just the Eagle Boys page and no - no code needed.

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