Drake Foodlands SA - charity show bag $4.99

7 September 2010

Check out the charity showbag in Drake Foodland stores now.

still only $4.99, but I got more in this year's show bag than last year.

There are really too many things to list, but the bigger items are:
can of diet coke
shot of red bull
large jar of strawberry jam
whitening toothpaste
packet of lavosh bites (large size, not just sample)
bottle of bundaberg peachee
muesli bar (yummy)
small tin of cat food
Gap biscuit sticks
mamee monster noodle snacks
peckish rice chips
fruit jelly snack drinks x 5
morteint fly stickers for your window

sample sizes of chux white cleaning block, laundry detergent, uncle toby's cereal, food hygiene gloves, veggie crisp bags, colour catcher laundry sample sheets, splenda sweetener, olive oil

like last year, all bags vary a little, but the majority are the same.

Available at all Drake supermarkets while stocks last.

your $ goes to Phoenix, RDNS and Flinders Medical Research Foundation

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  • Melbaby
    the charity show bags are great and the money goes to different charity's when they first came out I only go one now that I'm a client of one I get more to support.

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