Dozen Baldivis Estate wine 750ml delivered for $49.90 (VIC. WA $59.90) PLUS cashback

10 August 2008

This is not a bad drop of wine for just under $5 for a bottled delivered.
You get Three Varieties of wine per pack: Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay!
* 4 x 750ml 2003 Shiraz
* 4 x 750ml 2004 Merlot
* 4 x 750ml 2005 Chardonnay

I don't suspect this offer will hang around for much longer

The wine is $39.95 and here is the list of shipping fees:
You will receive a 50% discount on the shipping charge for every additional item in your shopping cart/order. You will only pay full price shipping for the item with the highest shipping charge.

Australian Capital Territory Shipping $14.95
Victoria Shipping $9.95
New South Wales Shipping $14.95
Northern Territory Shipping $19.95
Queensland Shipping $14.95
South Australia Shipping $14.95
Tasmania Shipping $19.95
Western Australia Shipping $19.95


  • voteoften
    This is actually BAGGED wine.
  • nod
    You are quite right Voteoften. Not sure why I had bottled in the title. Thanks :o Good quality goon? :D
  • voteoften
    I wrote about this last time they had this deal. The wines are only ok. I'm sure a lot of people like them and would find them perfectly acceptable. The thing that is a true beauty abuot these is the packaging. Easy to transport. no risk of breakage. Lighter. Can take them to places where there are prohibitions on glass. Very compact, and somewhat flexible even when full so quite versatile. I love that packaging. This is the same wine as the Baldivis estate bottled wine. No difference in flavour. Too bad the wine isn't good. It is Okay..... They have an acceptable ssb, but not in the Baldivis estate range IMO. These are made by Palandri wines, a relative newcomer to margaret river. They have a pretty good restaurant if you are down that way.

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