Dozen Aspen Estate Chardonnay $59.99 delivered at Deals Direct

9 March 2007

This is an awesome price for this wine, especially considering that it is free delivery.
Other online wine sellers have this for about $75 not inc delivery.
And you have your cashback from Buckscoop


  • admin EDITOR
    Free delivery is worth a difference. From memory Jacks Wine charge $20 or so to deliver to WA. Nice find.
  • wheadle
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Nice price for the dozen and not a bad drop too. It is a shame that the other online wine sellers can have such expensive delivery. wine is heavy [/FONT]
  • schlemster
    dozen for $60 - thats good an free delivery :w00t: voted hot baby
  • ozpete
    Although Dan Murphy's had this recently for $66 a doz plus 12 cleanskins for free. No delivery. Was on sale for a month or so, so may have limited - no stock at different branches. Worth checking out first. BTW a nice drop, very drinkable...
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks ozpete and a big welcome. Nice to have you posting - much appreciated and hope to see more. 66 + the cleanskins is a good bargain - do you have a link to it ? Jacks Wines often have some excellent prices as well but their delivery is 30+ to WA (12 or so to Sydney) which quite often makes it less of a bargain.
  • nod
    Welcome Ozpete. Thanks for the post. I have checked out the Dan Murphy site and found that sadly delivery is free to metro Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney only. Perth pay at least $20, NT $30 odd as does country WA. And it appears that you can't buy online, so I am not sure if the wine is still on sale and as there are no stores in WA, I am stuck! :) But great to have someone check up on us!
  • wheadle
    I got a Dan's down the road. I should check

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