DealsDirect - 6 x Banrock Sparkling Shiraz Rose 2006 $27.90 Delivered + Buckscoop Cashback

6 July 2009

Another good price on wine here form dealsdirect - 6 x Banrock Sparkling Shiraz Rose Wine for only $17.95 & $9.95 shipping - the usual price being $40.80 & Shipping.


  • golfwidow
    Thanks Taskel. I just added a little more info. Works out at less than $5 a bottle delivered. I don't mind this sparkly.
  • rthomson
    I bought these some time back. They are what they claim. A bubbly red shiraz. They are still sitting in the store room as our bubbly drinker friends think it is too harsh.
  • taskel
    Is it alright? I havn't tried this one myself to be honest - think ill give it a go...usually safe with rosé's I think anyway.
  • golfwidow
    If it's not to your taste it can always be used in punch :D
  • taskel
    Im sure it'll go down well once I've had a few glasses lol!!!

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