Deals Direct - Fraser Gallop Semillion Sav Blanc $149.95 - cashback

30 January 2009

Its a bit early in the morning for a tottle but this is actually a very good buy. The only caveat I have is that DD dont list what year this one is but my assumption is that it must be the 2008 vintage which retails at $240 a case.

From the background digging I've done it looks like this won a bronze at the Perth Royal show and there's a couple of the other Frasers Gallop wines that have received medals across the various Royal / Wine shows around oz.

Cashback at current Deals Direct rates would be $9.20 so the price you'd effectively pay is $140.75. Personally I think its a good bargain even with shipping. Not sure if there's any free shipping around but that would make it even sweeeeter.


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