Deals Direct - EUROLAB Coffee Machine With Grinder + Free Shipping + 5.4% CashBack!

9 January 2008

NEW and IMPROVED! - This new model has been double checked by our quality assurance team to ensure that it is of top standards.

With a bonus new instruction DVD included, it now helps you create the coffee you'll simply love.

Don't miss out as this coffee machine is one of our top sellers and is sure to sell like hotcakes.

Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price*: $449.00.

DealsDirect Price: only $99 + FREE Shipping (Australia-wide)


  • nod
    I may be mistaken but I think someone commented on these before. I will try to find it in the forum but if I remember rightly they had a tendency to break easily :( Let me go and see if I can find it
  • nod
    ]Here we go. Apparently the 'old' style ones were a bit dodge. Anyone have any feed back on the new and improved model ??
  • shobbs
    I have one that looks exactly the same - 2 yrs old. It's very good for the money - maybe not as good as the $1000+ machines I've tested, but better than most $3-400. Like anything it has a lot to do with how YOU make the coffee.
  • fairybelle
    I read a comment off there site a little while back and it said that they couldnt get the plastic taste out of it.. that deterred me. I was wanting to buy one,

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