Dan Murphy's, Liquorland & 1st Choice - FREE BEER! New Cruiser Hummingbird Blond Lager 6 Pack*

23 February 2010

Just stumbled across this on Hamish & Andy's website!

Cruiser Hummingbird Blond Lager - Recoup Your Coupon!

Bring in any coupon - from an expired carpet clean to a half price perm - and get a FREE six pack of Cruiser's new Hummingbird Lager when you purchase any 2 packs from the Cruiser range.

Offer available March 1 to march 17 at Dan Murphy's.

Also available march 4 to 17 at Liquorland and 1st Choice.

That's right ... bring in any coupon! There's a link on their website to print off fake coupons too for redemption!

Not sure how well passionfruit goes with beer, and being only 4% alc I can't imagine it being much of a man's beer ... but FREE BEER IS GOOD BEER (if you're already buying Cruisers)

Enjoy everyone!


  • golfwidow
    Thanks kickling :) Have removed the other one :)
  • admin EDITOR
    Chuckling away at this promo - great find kickling. Hot vote from me. Its basically a free six pack. Question though..... what stops you shopping around to get yourself multiple six packs :)
  • nod
    Not much of a man's beer hey? :D Nice find though and as you say it is FREE beer :D
  • nelly
    Hubby very happy. Thankyou
  • taskel
    +1 :w00t: :p
  • golfwidow
    Im going to get this next week for our girls weekend. Have been looking at this beer for a while so am very happy to have a voucher to get it for free as I get cruisers usually anyway :)
  • eggles
    FREE BEER :w00t: Now we need a dancing icon
  • sparrow
    Just to save any hassle with coupons at Liquorland-I saw in Woolworths current catalogue the same deal, but you don't need a coupon-just purchase any 2 cruiser packs and you get the hummingbirds pack free.

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