Current Half-Price Groceries & Special Buys in Australia

Current Half-Price Groceries & Special Buys

If you want to save on your weekly shop, but don't have the time to scour the websites of each supermarket, keep this page handy! Each week we list the best of the half-price specials at our major grocery stores, as well as Aldi's special buys.

Remember, you can shop online at Coles and Woolworths, with home delivery or Click and Collect options.

Woolworths Half-Price Specials

Current Woolworths specials run from Wednesday 21st March - Tuesday 27th March.

Top Picks:


Coles Half-Price Specials

Current Coles specials run from Wednesday 21st March - Tuesday 27th March.

Top Picks:


Aldi Special Buys

Aldi special buys below available from Wednesday 21st March.

Top Picks - Gardening:

Top Picks - Workwear:

Above: Kids' Outdoor Setting With Storage & XBox One S 1TB Bundle (Aldi)

Aldi special buys below available from Saturday 24th March.

Top Picks - Home Cinema & Entertainment:

Top Picks - DIY:


About Online Grocery Shopping in Australia

For many Australians, online grocery shopping is the saving grace they've needed. Whether it's because a new mum can't leave the house, or because full-timers would rather enjoy their weekends than spend it with trolleys, queues and checkouts, online grocery shopping provides a very welcome reprieve in busy lives.

The good news is that as competition increases between Australia's supermarkets, there have never been more incentives to shop online for your groceries.

The Benefits Of Buying Groceries Online:

  • It's a time saver, petrol saver and stress saver. (Anyone who has shopped with a two-year-old will understand.)
  • It's convenient. You can organise to have your groceries delivered to your door, when it suits you.
  • You can stick to your budget. Browsing aisles in person usually always leads to impulse buys. If you're shopping online, it's more likely you'll stick to your list, and your budget.
  • You can find the cheapest options. Type in the product type you're after and sort by lowest price - too easy!
  • You can stay abreast of new products. By shopping online, you can easily see all new products in one place. It sure saves scouring every corner of a supermarket to find new and exciting things!

Grocery Delivery Costs in Australia:


  • Most deliveries to metro areas range between $4 and $18 per order. The difference comes from your choice of delivery window and your location.
  • Delivery is FREE on the first order, provided it is over $100 in total.
  • Delivery is FREE on any order purchased with a Coles Credit Card, provided the total is over $100.


  • Standard delivery ranges from $3 to $11, depending on the value of your order; the more you spend, the less you pay for delivery.
  • Delivery is FREE on orders over $300.

Click & Collect Grocery Services in Australia:


  • Click & Collect is FREE at Coles Supermarkets, with same day collection available if you order before 11 a.m. Pick-up windows are: Monday to Saturday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., Sunday: 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.


  • Click & Collect is FREE at Woolworths, but only available for orders over $30. (Note that not all stores offer pick-up services.)

When Will Aldi Offer Home Delivery in Australia?

Aldi currently appears to be focused on continuing to build the best in-store experience for shoppers, with several new stores scheduled to open in the coming years. Unfortunately, online options don't seem to be a priority for the German giant at this point.

Having said that, delivery services are being trialled overseas, which could be good news for Aussies down the track.

Other Online Grocery Stores in Australia:

Grocery Run:

Grocery Run, part of the Catch Group, is the place to find bulk items and heavily discounted groceries. Thousands of deals are on offer at any time, with new sales popping up on popular products almost daily.

Kogan Pantry:

At Kogan Pantry you will find heavily discounted booze and groceries, with many items shipping FREE.

Hello Fresh:

Hello Fresh sells food boxes with accompanying recipes online, enabling busy families and individuals to cook nutritious meals easily and quickly, without needing to visit a supermarket.

Aussie Farmers Direct in Administration

Sadly, Aussie Farmers Direct has closed its doors for good. Unable to compete with heavy competition from our major supermarkets, and the cost of imported foods, Aussie Farmers Direct is no longer servicing Australians with food deliveries.

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