Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus at Everten Online $299

25 February 2009

A very good price for this blender. Not sure what its like quality wise but they're a pretty well known brand. Usually sells in the range of $400.

Credit to Everten that they only charge max $6.90 delivery to anywhere in Oz. There really should be more merchants negotiating these sort of deals.


  • admin EDITOR
    Specs can be found ]here.
  • tchiseen
    This is a nice big choppa. I'd love one of these, but I'm more interested in the 3 cup one. The 11 cup one is huge, and would be great for doing things like pastry and other larger jobs, but the 3 cup one is good for things like dips, chutneys, homemade mayo, etc.
  • joelwilliam
    If only I had $305.90 spare...
  • admin EDITOR
    I know what you mean tchiseen. I just got a Magimix 3.7 litre one the other day and its a bit big and bulky.

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