CRAZY CLARK'S/GO-LO - Beer Bands $4.99

6 March 2008

A little trinket like a wine charm not cut it with your drinking buddies? I've been thinking about getting these for my big brudda, and had them on a "maybe later" list at Home Couture, where they are $8.95.

Saw them in my Crazy Clark's catalogue this week for $4.99.

I think they're amusing - and hey, let's not restrict them to the beer drinkers... you could use them on the kiddies poppers if you want! Certainly on the RTDs and funny grown-up cordial.

Stole the pic from Home Couture. Page 5 of Crazy Clark's "Super Bunny Buys".


  • lisss
    Saw them in the catalogue and was quite impressed because I saw the same thing in the USA in a Virgin Megastore and remember thinking "why can't we have such amusing stuff in Australia!?"
  • nod
    OK :o What exactly are they ?? :D

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