COTD: Mixed Cheer Pack: 12 x Baldivis Estate! $39.95 (+Postage & Handling)

20 July 2008

Mixed Cheer Pack: 12 x Baldivis Estate!

RRP$186. 12 x 750ml for just $39.95! Export Quality!

Three Varieties per pack: Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay!

After an amazing week on Catch, time to round things off with a glass of some of Australia's finest. Normally retailing at $15.50 per 750ml pack, available today for under $3.40 a pack incredible savings on a top notch export quality drop. This mixed pack comes with three different varieties allowing you to cater for all your guests needs at your next party, or simply if you'd like to try all three of these top notch wines. These wines are packed in a revolutionary packaging - that tastes just as great as a traditional bottle, is resealable while being safer and more convenient for outdoor parties, picnics and more! Each mixed cheer pack contains:

4 x 750ml 2003 Shiraz
4 x 750ml 2004 Merlot
4 x 750ml 2005 Chardonnay


  • admin EDITOR
    These wines are packed in a revolutionary packaging - that tastes just as great as a traditional bottle
    Dunno about anyone else but I tend not to eat the packaging if I can help it.
  • Mum2Boys
    Has anyone tasted Baldivis Estate? Seems like a good deal if it tastes good :)
  • Bowersnest
    Found a review that gives it the thumbs up ] just ordered some so will cross my fingers its ok
  • voteoften
    These are made by Palandri wines down in Margaret River. The classic white in a bottle is acceptable. They are actually the same wines that they sell in bottles. These are very very convenient for venues that say no glass and also very compact and portable. Thumbs up on the packaging. I don't like the wine a whole lot, but it is acceptable.
  • queenshrew
    I don't like the 'revolutionary' packaging :P I rarely drink, but when I do I much prefer the bottle! lol I guess it's ok if you're going to venues that don't allow 'glass'..but don't those venues also usually not allow you to bring in your own alcohol? :D
  • golfwidow
    Oh so tempting. I like the idea of the mix of different types. Also after the 3rd drink i won't be worrying about what its packaged in, just as long as i can open it :D
  • admin EDITOR
    If your after cheap and cheerful you can get comparible buys at Wine Market or one of the double case deals from Jacks Wines.

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