Coles Online - Free Delivery Brisbane/Beenleigh/Caboolture - Ends 31st October

2 October 2009

Between 5th October And 31st October You Can Get Free Delivery Throughout Brisbane From Beenleigh To Caboolture.


  • nod
    ooohhh $2 Tim Tams and delivered for free! No min spend LP?
  • golfwidow
    Great deal. I know a few people that can use this. Thanks LP :)
  • lilpretzel
    Nothing in terms but I guess it will be the same :)
    Is there a minimum order amount? Yes - There is a minimum order value of $50 on all online orders with Coles. This minimum order value does not include the Delivery Fee. The Delivery Fee covers your personal shopping, packing and delivery for any order, no matter how large it may be. Coles reserves its right, at its total discretion, to accept an order that is below the minimum order value of $50. The waiver of this requirement by Coles in one instance will not oblige Coles to accept an order, which is below the minimum order value of $50 at any other time.
  • sparrow
    Wondered how long it would take before Coles followed Woolworths-as Woolworths are running the same deal until the end of October too. Good for me though, as I prefer Coles to get the gift card points up.
  • kermi
    Darn.. they just need to stretch it about 50k more...LOL :p

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