Coles: Lean Cuisine Bowl Meals $4 each (Save $1.75)

15 May 2009

Now I know some people thumb their noses at these diet frozen meals, but I find them handy after a long days work... and if you're like me and look to stock up, you'll understand that they're rarely on sale and when they are, it will only be one type of meal eg only "butter chicken". So I'm very happy to see this sale as it's off all of the bowl meals.

280g-300g. Excludes Lean Cuisine large, steam & active meals. 25% off freezer favourites.


  • nod
    not a fan of the food but good price
  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Lisa, I always grab a few when on sale. Very hand indeed when you can't be bothered to cook. :)

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