Coles - Half Price Easter Eggs (Woolies Too)

5 April 2010

Now that Easter's over, Coles & Woolies have discounted their Easter eggs by 50%!


  • bargainhunter
    If you're stuck for ideas on what to do with all that bounty - other than having a gluttonous feeding frenzy, not that there's anything wrong with that *grin* - check this Aussie website: Easter Bun pudding, Easter Egg Pudding, bread and butter pudding @Not Quite Nigella
  • sparrow
    I had a hunt at our shops this morning and Coles here have lots left, but nothing but a half dozen packs left in Woolies also nothing at all in Kmart, they had hardly any left after Thursday night shopping. Didn't get to Target to check them out.
  • femme17
    i went to two different Coles today and bought about 10 packed of chocolates and 6 bunnies... now just deciding how am I going to finish all of them before June (since most of them expiry in June)
  • bt34
    Went to my local Coles this morning, they had plenty of Red tuplip and Cadbury stock left. Was only interested in the Lindt cookie and cream eggs and they had only one bag left. :mad: Got home and found the bag had been resealed with sticky tape and missing one egg.:( Love my Lindt balls, especially the white chocolate and cookie and cream ones.:)
  • labgirl
    I also picked up some Lindt white chocolate & cookies and cream balls at my Coles. yummmmm:D
  • lisss
    So bummed that there are no coles or woolies close enough to my work for me to go during lunch break... went to IGA today and their eggs were mostly full price or silly discounts - gRrrr

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