Coles- get up to 40c off fuel by shopping at Coles

13 July 2009

Spend $30 and get a 4c off voucher
Spend $100 and get a 10c off voucher
Spend $200 and get a 25c off voucher
Spend $300 and get a 40c off voucher

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Customers must make the qualifying spend in one transaction at participating Coles (excluding Coles Express and, BI-LO or Pickn Pay store between Monday 13 July and Wednesday 15 July 2009. Offer excludes gift cards, Kodak Kiosk machine purchases and purchase of tobacco and related products in Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales and ACT. Limit of one fuel discount receipt per fuel purchase up to 150 litres per vehicle per customer. This offer is not valid for Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorcharge or Motorpass purchases. Offer not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or receipt. Valid in conjunction with additional 2 cents per litre discount for in-store spend at Coles Express. Coles Express fuel discount terms and conditions also apply, see in-store for details. For Coles Express store locations, see


  • MamaK
  • NoosieB
    Good deal MamaK. Bummer I just went to, Shhhh ..... the OPPOSITION (Woollies) :( But on the flip side - just saved $1 on a pkt of Tim Tams. Yes. Well. Think the fuel offer would have been better. Next time.
  • MamaK
    Looks like Woolies will be doing this too
  • samia786
    as I've already done my fortnightly grocery shopping from coles, I cant think of what can I get from there for $300 that I actually need.... gift cards are out. as for phone recharge, I dont use that much. any other suggestions? (we have a old 1977 Merc with a 70liters fuel tank, 40c discount will go a long way..)
  • nod
    Like the fact that they have a 150L limit. Previous offers have been 30L.
  • bruciegee
    Yep, no surprise that Woolies is offering the same deal... I'm glad because I use their Everyday money card for e-pump, so prefer to stick with them... and build points on the same system! :cool:
  • odysseus
    Like the fact that they have a 150L limit. Previous offers have been 30L.
    Not that I've seen. The average tank is 50 l, and they need to allow for at least a tankful. As for the economics of this, on an average fill of 40l , that makes a total saving of >$100 $4 >$200 $10 >$300 $16 Deduct the discount you would get anyway and that becomes >$100 $2.40 >$200 $8.40 >$300 $14.40 Divide that by the amount spent on groceries alone and you've got >$100 2.4% >$200 4.2% >$300 4.8% With the saving going down as you get further away from each threshold, e.g. at $195 the saving is 1.2% Of course, if you're carrying a few jerry cans with you and get more fuel the benefit will be higher. All up, reasonable if you were going to spend that anyway, but probably not worthwhile if it stops you buying where regular savings would be greater e.g. at a greengrocer, or when other specials would apply.
  • craftykiwi
    I agree odysseus. The experts on TV last night believe you'll probably save more by shopping around and buying things on special at various stores than doing the one big spend at Coles unless you have a huge four wheel drive needing a full tank of petrol and are going to spend the $300 anyway. even then they don't calculate the saving at more than about $25. So doesn't really seem worth it.
  • bargainhunter
    I suppose the experts need to warn people, but I think it's way over the top to try to ban these offers. No one is holding a gun to people's heads to use these deals. We use the voucher for diesel and get the whole 150l at one time. That's a $60 savings on fuel for us off the top. Considering there are 4 weeks to use the voucher, there's bound to be a Tuesday/Wednesday fuel discount or a cheap fuel price we'll take advantage of. The last time we used a 40cent voucher, we paid under 90 cents a liter. As for over-spending at the grocery store, people do it to themselves. I walked around the store last night with my mobile in calculator mode and anything that went into the trolley was tallied, so we paid $302.35 and mostly everything we purchased was on sale or on clearance. For the amount and quality of stuff purchased, we were delighted.
  • sparrow
    I guess we all have to look after our best interests by getting in on the cheap fuel from big companies, but scary to think in the long run it will push the small companies right out of the picture eventually, so then they are free to charge any high price, leaving us with no choice but to cough up.
  • bargainhunter
    I think the small retailer has a niche to fill. I also think a business should survive on merit, though, rather than concessions. The smart small retailer understands that it's a bit ridiculous to challenge the big boys head to head. Instead he focuses on filling niches through products or services that the big boys ignore because the profit margin isn't high enough for them. As long as there are both a Coles and a Woollies, as well as an ACCC I don't think we have to worry about collusion happening without discovery.

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