COLES - Free $5 Giftcard with purchase of any Kraft Singles Extra Tasty, Swiss or LightNTasty produc

5 June 2008

The Promo commences on 2/06/08 and closes on 29/06/08.

The first 5000 valid claims received between these dates addressed to "Kraft Singles $25,000 Coles Gift Card Promotion" PO Box 150, Brookvale NSW 2100 will each be awarded a $5 gift card.

For full conditions see in store for entry form!

This was advertised in the latest Coles catalogue, Im not sure if the entry forms are in store yet as promised.


  • nod
    This gift card offer seems to be taking off :) Paper at Woolies and now cheese at Coles :D Thanks Lisss
  • leny
    Good deal that these only cost $4.99.
  • lilpretzel
    leny you can buy the 205g packs, they're on special for $2.89 this week. :D
  • MamaK
    Recieved 2 gift cards today, Thanks Liss :D I really didn't think I'd get anything as I'd forgotten about it until the last minute so was very suprised when the vouchers arrived.
  • queenshrew
    Ooh.. I hope I get mine too..haven't received anything in the mail yet :)
  • catieb
    Was just going to post here asking whether anyone had received their gift cards ... thanks for the update, MamaK!

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