Coles - Carapelli 3 Litre Olive Oils $15.99

7 April 2008

Coles currently have their range of 3 litre Carapelli Olive Oils for $15.99 (save up to $21 - below half price) here in Victoria and hopefully other states too.
Extra Virgin (cold pressed) or Mild.

This is the only way I buy my olive oil now - in bulk.
This deal works out to approx. $2.65 for the normal 500ml I used to buy. But those are any where from $4 upwards each and for good quality olive oil closer to $6 a bottle.


  • nod
    Less than 1/2 price :) Cool :D
  • admin EDITOR
    If its good oil I'd agree about the buying in bulk crafty.
  • Keeys
    HOT from me oil is sp expencive, love these specials means I can get nicer tasting oil :)
  • geo78
    good price. i saw it today when i was looking for the FAB detergent, but i forgot to post the deal
  • Gallifrey
    hot from me, good oil is so expensive.
  • geo78
    sorry, i beg to differ...with the risk of being scolded again...i always see at least one supermarket per month having a huge discount on good oil...but anyway, that doesn't mean that this particular deal is not good...
    hot from me, good oil is so expensive.
  • craftykiwi
    This is the cheapest I've ever seen this size.
  • MamaK
    me too, grabbed some today. Thanks Craftykiwi :)
  • geo78
    available again @ Coles: page 10
  • admin EDITOR
    From the URL it looks like Central NSW Metro area - just downloading the catalogue to see if thats correct.
  • bigal
    so... hows this compare to the MOro brand Woolworths' had on special last week?
  • craftykiwi
    Can't help you there bigal - not a connoisseur - I just tend to buy whatever's on special and have used a number of varieties without any complaint.

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